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A Busy Day of Pope Francis News

Pope Francis kissing a baby amidst his general audience on October 1st, 2014. The baby is being handed to him by his lead bodyguard, one of the Gendarmerie of the Vatican.
Pope Francis kissing a baby amidst his general audience on October 1st, 2014. The baby is being handed to him by his lead bodyguard, one of the Gendarmerie of the Vatican.

Today Pope Francis gave his weekly General Audience address. Here is the full text of the address, here’s a full video-recording of it, and a really really good short one, too (the Catholic News Service puts together these extremely well-done video shorts on not only Pope Francis news, but also Catholic news in general, check them out on YouTube!). He also asked for prayers for the upcoming Synod on the Family. As well, in another article, it includes some pre-general audience speaking which Pope Francis did before entering St. Peter’s Square.

Today’s address is a super good one on the topic of “charisms” or charisma. A charism, according to the address, is a gift of God’s spirit! And everyone has different gifts or talents which God gives us, so it would be good for us to make those gifts bloom super dooper good, but also recognize when others have gifts being brought to the wedding of the Lamb. Their gifts may not be the same as ours, they might be very different – even uncomfortably different, but it does not make their different gifts any less important and valued to God who gave them all. I love Pope Francis!!!!

Today Pope Francis also met with forty survivors and relatives of the Lampedusa Island refugee tragedy. And Pope Francis also received audience with Archbishop Levon Boghos Zekiyan from Turkey, and Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for October were released, as well.

In older Pope Francis news:

Here’s a really really good summary article on Pope Francis’ encounter last week with Focolare movement pilgrims. It includes a lot of quotes of responses by the pilgrims themselves to the meeting and how it affects their movement.

Last Saturday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel, who is the patron saint of the security forces protecting Pope Francis. And it sounds like it was a really really homily he delivered, too. Relatedly, out today is a really cool article on those people who along with Saint Michael the Archangel, protect Pope Francis at the Vatican and when traveling. The article is mostly about the Gendarmerie (they wear the business suits), but there are also the Swiss Guard who protect the pope, too — for a good look at who the Swiss Guard are (they wear the quite colorful outfits), check out this YouTube about them!

One of the Swiss Guard at St. Peter’s Basilica who defends Pope Francis.
One of the Swiss Guard at St. Peter’s Basilica who defends Pope Francis.
One of the Swiss Guard at St. Peter’s Basilica who defends Pope Francis.
One of the Swiss Guard at St. Peter’s Basilica who defends Pope Francis.

In Pope Francis related news:

A Pope Francis comic book has been released that’ll be distributed at and during Pope Francis’ Philippines visit in January 2015.

As a contrast to my inclusion in yesterday’s post about Sister Luzia Premoli, I follow news from several different faith traditions, and saw this excellent article about women and motherhood in Mormonism — both faiths God realigns for the equality of the genders in their hierarchies and in their ordination traditions.

Paul Ryan a prominent Catholic congressman in the Americas had an interview in which he talks about how Pope Francis’ dialogues have and are influencing dialogues in his country. God has Paul Ryan seeing the new creature next to the old.


And out across the blogosphere, there are interesting dialogues about Pope Francis, too, particularly related to the Virgin Mary. One writer commented that Mary’s even being talked about as near unto being a part of the Trinity itself.

I associate with people from A LOT of different faith traditions, some people, especially those under the “catholic” umbrella (Roman, Anglican, etc.) appear to me to be Mary fanatics. They love the virgin Mary, they’ve got shrines to her, they pray the rosary (which applies her as an intercessor), and pretty much view her as if not their primary, quite near unto their primary intercessor between themselves and God. Pope Francis’ reverence for her is obvious and he seems quite open about it. In the body of Christ, there are a lot of traditions through which one might eventually find God, Mary is certainly one of those figures working to point and lead many people back to God. An examination of her many appearance alone are a testament to that verity, and perhaps a reason for at the least gratitude unto her for helping one along in their walk back to God.

In the kingdom, at the throne, she may have helped to lead one there, but many of the prayers unto her ultimately become irrelevant.

  Behold, I make all things new. – Rev. 21:5

  There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.
– Romans 8:1-2

With no more sin, death, error, and with all things made new — as such, many of the words of the Marian Prayer, and even the Lord’s Prayer dramatically loose their value. They may have been important stepping stones back to the throne, but that is all. As stepping stones within a span of a journey, one says not those prayers forever — they are not the final steps. In the establishment of God’s kingdom, through Pope Francis and others, God keeps reverence and gratitude alive, but facilitates people to detach themselves from and from the use of the non-applicable old words. Through him and others, God rewrites the hearts and minds of all people according to God’s plan.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


A Sermon on Patience

Today, Pope Francis gave a morning homily at Casa Santa Marta on patience. He had several people in audience, and made an appointment.

Also today, Pope Francis sent a tweet:

Division within a Christian community is a very grave sin; it is the work of the devil. (link)

Pope Francis is with God, and God is with Pope Francis.

Yesterday, Cardinal Pietro Parolin addressed the U.N. General Assembly – and greetings from Pope Francis were expressed in the address. A super good address.

In older news, Pope Francis sent message to leaders of Venezuela, urging them to build peace in their nation.

And in related news, early this month, Pope Francis appointed Comboni Sister Luzia Premoli to be a member of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples – making her the very first woman to be a member of a Vatican congregation. Anyway, there’s a really really good interview of her. Check it out!

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


Angels and Ministers of Grace

In Pope Francis’ morning homily at the Casa Santa Marta, he spoke of the angels going to battle to reunite humans with God. For more information about archangels, see this article also out today.

Today Pope Francis received in audience, members of the United Bible Societies, and gave an address to them. Here’s a really really good quote from the address:

I would so like it if all Christians could learn ‘the sublime science of Jesus Christ’ (cf. Philippians 3:8) through the assiduous reading of the Word of God, because the sacred text is the food of the soul and the pure and everlasting source of the spiritual life of us all.

Many Christian Scientists I know of, often speak of this, that in many languages other than English, the translations speak of the Gospel as a “science.” Really and truly, it is. Checking out Philippians 3:8 in the several different English translations, they only speak of ‘knowing’ Christ. The word “science” speaks to me of not merely an acquaintance or even more deeply a friendship with Christ, but of a “deeply fundamental understanding of the inner workings, logics, and ways of the Christ.”

Also, today, Pope Francis received in audience Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the president of Malta.

Of yesterday’s Pope Francis news:

At the end of yesterday’s Mass on St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis gave a brief Angelus Address followed by a recitation of the Angelus Prayer. In honor of the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo, as a part of the address, Pope Francis “[prayed that] the exemplary Christian and priestly witness of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo give rise in many the desire of uniting themselves ever more to Christ and to the Gospel.” As well, during this past weekend’s beatification of Alvaro del Portillo, a message by Pope Francis was read at that Mass in Spain.

Also, here’s a nice summary article of yesterday’s Mass in honor of grandparents and the elderly.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


Pope Francis and the Old Folks

This morning Pope Francis had “an international encounter” with elderly people followed by Mass on St. Peter’s Square in honor of grandparents and the elderly, he gave the homily address at the Mass, and expressed a bunch of other remarks. And Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was also in attendance, for which Pope Francis expressed his gratitude.

Pope Francis gave the homily address at Vespers with the Jesuits in celebration of the 200th anniversary of that organization’s restoration. Here’s a video recording of the Vespers.

Also in the news, Pope Francis sent message to the organization Opus Dei (website and Wikipedia page), to mark the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo, the second primary leader of the organization. Here’s the full text of the message. Relatedly, here’s a really really good interview released just yesterday with an Opus Dei father at the Vatican, all about Pope Francis’ great popularity around the world.

And Pope Francis sent a tweet:

There is the tendency to place ourselves and our ambitions at the center of our lives. This is very human, but it is not Christian. (link)

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


Rounding the Theological Bases

Pope Francis delivered his morning homily on carrying the cross with Jesus. The sermon reminded me of an address from this past weekend over at Kenneth Copeland Ministries on that He that is within is greater than the forces outside of one’s self. To give it to “God with us.”

Today Pope Francis met with leaders of the Focolari movement. Here is an article with more details and another with even more about his address and encounter. Later, I finally found the full-text of his address. Nonetheless, from the second article, it reads:

   Spiritual leaders must guard against becoming caught up in “byzantine” or complex theological and philosophical arguments that stop them from acting, said the pope.
   “We have no right to reflect the thinking of a Byzantine scholar, because the first duty is to heal,” said Francis.
   “There is so much heartache before the Church, humanity that stands before the Church and is wounded,” added the pope.
   “As I have said many times, the Church is like a field hospital and the first thing to do is to heal those wounds,” said Francis.

I love Pope Francis!!!!!! Wow. I love Pope Francis!!!! For more information about the Focolare movement, their Wikipedia page is also very informative.

Pope Francis today also received others in audience, and made an appointment.

In older Pope Francis news:

I posted on this yesterday, but here’s more details about Pope Francis throwing a baseball with someone in the crowd and him signing it for them.

It seems that there might be a little discontent by the bishop in Paraguay, Msgr. Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano, who was deposed yesterday, but Pope Francis seems to be addressing the situation and everything to do with it really really good.

Pope Francis’ full address to the bishops gathered last Saturday by the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples is now available to read in English.

And I’d reported on this in another entry a good while back, but out today is a more extensive review of Pope Francis’ encounter with the Italian Biblical Association on Sept. 12th.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


Pope Francis Leads

Today Pope Francis gave a morning homily about vanity and humility.

Pope Francis made an appointment today, and some yesterday, too. And a number of people had an audience with Pope Francis today, and reportedly yesterday, too.

Yesterday Pope Francis gave his General Audience address. Here’s the full text, here’s a summary, and here’s a video recording of it. Also at the General Audience, Pope Francis played catch with a baseball with someone in the crowd, and he signed the ball for them.

On Wednesday, by way of the new Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Pope Francis sent message to the UN. And on Tuesday, Pope Francis’ secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin at the UN Climate Change Summit in New York, exclaimed greetings from Pope Francis to those there.

As well, Pope Francis sent a tweet:

Jesus understands our weaknesses and sins; and he forgives us if we allow ourselves to be forgiven. (link)

In older Pope Francis news:

On Tuesday, a statement of Pope Francis through Fr. Federico Lombardi was released regarding the great seriousness with which the Roman Catholic church is approaching remedying and preventing any potential further abuse of minors by anyone of the church. Here’s also a very good summary article on the the steps the Vatican and Pope Francis have taken in the past year to make good progress on this issue.

Pope Francis’ full address this past Friday to “The Pastoral Project/Plan of Evangelii Gaudium” is now available to read.

In Pope Francis related news:

There’s a really really good interview of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who was a part of last week’s meeting of the Council of Nine Cardinals. He has a great quote about Pope Francis:

Working with Pope Francis is “really beautiful, because you know he’s all the time with us as a friend and as a brother,” Cardinal Rodriguez said. “It’s beautiful to share with him and, of course, he’s a simple person and he’s not complicated and this is a blessing.”

I love Pope Francis!

And in other news:

I saw this story and was super impressed. Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako has told priests to not leave their posts in Iraq, no matter the pressure. He said, “We have to live and die in the place where God calls us.” Such are very good things and signs.

And non-conventional marriage and relationships continue to be a topic of conversation in the Roman church. God has Pope Francis and others have the Roman Catholic church to be a most pleasing and delightful organization by all of God’s considerations.

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!


A Usual Day at the Vatican

Today Pope Francis gave a beautiful homily at the morning Mass, on the simplicity of the Gospel.

A bunch of people today had an audience with Pope Francis, predominately a conference of bishops from Ghana to whom Pope Francis also gave an address.

At a Holy See press conference, today was released a message by Pope Francis for the next World Day of Migrants and Refugees taking place January 18th, 2015. God has there be no more migrants and refugees, but God has all people of this world turn their hearts and their minds to the tender care of each other. Pope Francis also sent message today to the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni for Yom Kippur.

Pope Francis named new members and renewed the memberships of others to the International Theological Commission.

And Pope Francis tweeted:

When a society lacks God, even prosperity is joined by a terrible spiritual poverty. (link)

In older Pope Francis news:

“The Pope’s mailmen,” a group of five Argentinean fathers bicycled from Buenos Aires through a whole bunch of countries gathering letters from approximately 70,000 students and finally arrived in Rome on Sept. 18th to deliver the letters to Pope Francis.

In Pope Francis related news:

The Pastoral Project of Evangelii Gaudium” met last week, discussing Pope Francis’ document, and here’s a good interview of Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, Rector of the Catholic University of Argentina about how the meeting went and how implementing the document over the course of this past year has gone, too.


Faith reconciliation with modern, global, social evolution seems to be a theme among some people in various faith traditions today, including Roman Catholics. Here’s an article or two in the news this very day. The Roman church has an enormous and beautiful historical and doctrinal foundation. By certain considerations, doctrinally, some people potentially in the Roman church, as well as other Christian churches such as the Mormons, rejects the attractions and attachments which many LGBT people have – and in many instances rejects the people themselves. Speaking with one particular gay Anglican priest, and former Roman Catholic of whom I know of, he estimates that approximately 50% of Roman Catholic priests are gay. And I’ve heard many many a tale of Roman priests who leave to become Anglican priests, particularly on the moral grounds that living as an actively gay man (or actively LGBT) is not a sin by any of the considerations of God. The commandment is to love, massively extending care and attachment for God, self, neighbor, & stranger — uncomplicated by other potential rule structures. God has Pope Francis and others leading the world to understand and follow this commandment.

On other fronts, other articles and content I saw in the news today potentially present other difficulties for humans in God’s kingdom. One article was about poor social integration and love with others, another about economics. Pope Francis has also brought this up too in various addresses. To address these complaints about capitalism, God has Pope Francis and others raise up a new economic creature along side the old one. The scriptures say food, clothing, and comfortable long-term shelter available without price and without proofs — this is one of the new creatures of God. God lets the old creature live and thrive, but lets the new creature live and thrive also. God has all people ride whichever one seems good to them, whenever it seems good to them. God has all organizations, but especially churches and people therein, extending this new creature of God to all people.


Finishing Touches to the Albania Journey

Today at about noon, since returning from Albania last night as is his usual practice after traveling abroad, Pope Francis visited the Basilica of St. Mary Major. He left flowers there, and sang Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) with pilgrims there.

And here is the transcript of Pope Francis’ press conference aboard the plane back to Rome last night.

Also, upon his departure from Albania, he sent telegrams to President Bujar Nishani of Albania, and President Giorgo Napolitano of Italy.


Pope Francis Visits Albania

Today Pope Francis visited Albania.

Before departure, Pope Francis sent a telegram to the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and to the people of Italy to wish them well while he is away on his journey to Albania. On the flight there, he had a press conference of a sort with journalists. At the press conference, Pope Francis said that “The peaceful coexistence between religions in Albania is a ‘good signal for the world’.”

Once Pope Francis arrived, here’s a YouTube of his arrival at the airport in Tirana, Albania, he went to the presidential palace and gave an address there. Here’s a YouTube of his arrival and address at the presidential palace. Later he went on the have Mass at Mother Teresa Square in Tirana, at which he gave a homily, and concluded the Mass with an Angelus Address and a reading of the Angelus prayer. Here’s a YouTube of the Mass and Angelus Address.

After the morning at the presidential palace and having Mass, Vatican Press Office Director, Father Federico Lombardi gave an informative briefing to journalists about the morning events. And according to reports, it was a bit rainy during the trip, too.

Later in the day, Pope Francis gave an address at an interreligious meeting at the Catholic University of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Here’s the text of the address he gave there – inclusive of his informal remarks, and here’s the YouTube broadcast.

This was followed by Pope Francis presiding and giving an address at a Vespers (an evening worship and prayer meeting) at the Cathedral of St. Paul, and here’s the text of his remarks which departed from his prepared text. Also at Vespers, several people gave accounts of the persecution, imprisonment, and torture of Christians and others during the country’s communist regime – at which Pope Francis wept. And here’s the video broadcast of both the interreligious meeting and the vespers.

And Pope Francis’ final stop before departing from Albania was in the town of Bubq Fushe-Kruje, outside of Tirana, at a church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, where he met with workers and children from the Bethany Centre, a home for disabled and needy children, run by an Italian charity – and where he gave an address also. Here’s a video of that encounter.

And then after about 11 hours in Albania, Pope Francis boarded his airplane home to Rome. And here’s the YouTube of his departure.

God is with Pope Francis and Pope Francis is with God bringing about God’s plans for this world.


More Meetings and a Tweet

Today Pope Francis met with lots of people. He met with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina. Pope Francis also met today with Andris Berzins, President of the Republic of Latvia. Pope Francis, one of God’s servants setting the world according to God’s plan.

Pope Francis had a special audience today with bishops taking part in a training seminar for news bishops, put together by the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Blase J. Cupich as the new archbishop of Chicago.

And Pope Francis sent a tweet:

Dear young people, listen within: Christ is knocking at the door of your heart. (link)

Pope Francis knows what is up!

In yesterday’s news, Pope Francis met with the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, who is a trained surgeon, and he was accompanied by a group of other surgeons. They met with Pope Francis to discuss the global organ-transplant trade to reform it according to God’s plan for the planet.

Older Pope Francis news:

The full texts are now available of some older Pope Francis news. The full text of Pope Francis’ message to the gathering of the 2nd Catholic Social Days for Europe, is available. Pope Francis’ full address to new bishops, given last Thursday, is also available to read.

It was announced that in early August the decision was made, and by late August Pope Francis formed a special commission to reform the matrimonial process.

In Pope Francis related news:

Last week, Pope Francis met with the St. Peter’s Cricket Club who were traveling to England to duke it out with Anglicans. The gaming occurred and the Anglicans won.

I have my own daily routines for prayer and scripture study every day, but I just saw this article about prayer and study apps for one’s devices. Pretty cool stuff! I’ve also got a bible app (with a bunch of versions of the Bible) on one of my devices, and I admit, it has quite often come in pretty handy. Pope Francis seems to often encourage us that throughout the day to carry a copy of the Gospels and read some from them daily. Having the Bible and/or prayer and study apps on one’s device seems to be an excellent modern approach to this!

And that’s the Pope Francis news for the day!



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