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Pope Francis Messages the Late Bishop Palmer's Wife

Part of my inspiration for starting this blog was because I saw the Pope on YouTube through the Kenneth Copeland Ministries. When I watched that video, I knew even more that really good things were happening, and I got excited about it.

Well, the individual who filmed the video, Bishop Tony Palmer, passed away a few days ago and Pope Francis has conveyed a message to his widow. Bishop Palmer helped to build a lot of bridges between the Roman Catholic Church and Evangelical Christians, having numerous meetings with the Pope to build those bridges, even before he became the Pope. And the work continues — bringing all people, united for and with God.


Pope Francis Meets and Greets

In the news today on Pope Francis:

Pope Francis met with Meriam Ibrahim. Ibrahim had converted from Islam to Christianity, married a Christian man, and was expecting. In the nation of Sudan, she was accused of apostasy and sentenced to death, and while imprisoned and in shackles there, gave birth to a baby. She has now been freed and has just met with the Pope!

Archbishop Charles Brown also met with Pope Francis in the Vatican and update him on the church in Ireland.

Also in the news today, Pope Francis appointed some new consultors to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Checking out the group’s description page on the Vatican website — it promotes ecumenical theological dialogue and gatherings across the globe. Good stuff. I’m pretty new to learning about so many of the good things that the Vatican does. It is impressive!!!!

As well, the Pope’s travel plans for his Asia trip next month were also announced, which include meeting the K-pop star BoA.

And there’s an interesting article titled, “A Pope and an Atheist Sit Down for a Chat.” Check it out! Pope Francis in dialogue with atheists, too!


Pope Francis Reaching Out and the People Reaching Out to Him

For today’s headlines on Pope Francis:

The Pope's released plans for his trip on Sunday to the Italian city of Caserta. I adored that Pope Francis speaking with Vatican Radio said, ‘that although 9 days is not long to prepare for a papal visit, the people of the diocese will welcome the Holy Father with joy and gratitude.’ I love the Pope!!!!

This reminds me of an article & youtube I just saw about Pope Francis stopping his motorcade through the country to greet some people in the Italian countryside. Watching the video, Pope Francis is truly one of God’s greatest gifts to our planet.

Pope Francis has also just released a message in remembrance of the bombing of the AMIA centre (an Israeli community-center) in Buenos Aires twenty years ago, in which eighty-five people perished. The text of the message he released is beautiful. Pope Francis – mending the world.

Elsewhere on the web, I found a brief article of a comparison of Pope Francis with St. Francis of Assisi, by the author of “Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi: A New Springtime for the Church.” Pretty interesting.

Out on the blogs, there’s a great message by Pope Francis to Anglicans, that they are very welcome among the Roman Catholics. Anglicans are super related to Roman Catholics, they’re all under the umbrella of “catholic.” Even the article states, “Anglicans have a true home in the Catholic Church.” Pope Francis reaching out to Anglicans is yet another gesture of ‘We are all part of the body of Christ.’

Among those seeking help from Pope Francis, Mayor de Blasio of New York City met with the Vatican Secretary of State for advice on immigration issues in his city, and to offer to welcome Pope Francis there if he makes a visit to them of their city. People know that Pope Francis is one of the go-to people when it comes to getting everything ship-shape here in the new heaven and the new earth, here in the New Jerusalem.

And in Nigeria, a group there has sent a petition to Pope Francis to help them to bring to a close the bloodshed against Christians there.

Globally, there appears to be a lot of Christian-Muslim-Jewish bloodshed in the news — let it all come to a close, and those chapters and their like, never find opening again.

Pope Francis continues to reach out and the people are reaching out to him.


Pope Francis Sends Individual Messages to the People

One thing that is so impressive to me about the Pope Francis is that he is communicative. He goes to the people and talks with them, he sends individual messages to lots of people around the world, and he even telephones lots of people, too. I was listening to a radio show the other day and they mentioned that when people write to Pope Francis, in a lot of instances he’s been actually calling lay-people up and talking to them. And some are calling him the “Cold Calling Pope”.

In the last week though, Pope Francis has made lots of communicative gestures, such as not only speaking with a priest in Gaza, but other gestures as well:

The Pope communicating with a life-encouraging fundraiser in the British Isles
The Pope communicating with prisoners, leaders, and other people to reduce the numbers of people in prisons
The Pope praying for those that died in Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
The Pope speaking with a Christian leader from Iraq about subsiding the bloodshed there

Pope Francis, God’s servant on the earth, communicating, and bringing peace to the world and the universe!!!!


Pope Francis Bringing in the Harvest

Wow. This is my first entry on this blog! I’m giving this blogging thing a good go and I’ll see how goes, for at least a year. I’ll see how I like it, and then either continue, or give up the blog here — but, for at least a year. Right now, the new heaven and the new earth have arrived, and people are truly learning to live together in it. Pope Francis is central in it all as a leader to help people learn to live in it together.

The latest news to come down the pike, in so far as Pope Francis goes, on Friday the Pope telephoned two of the main leaders of the Israelis and Palestinians, urging them both to end the conflict and foster peace in the region. There’s a Star Trek Voyager episode, I don’t recall which one, but two of the crew people were in a personal conflict and the captain needed the crew to all perform well in a difficult circumstance, she looked them each in the eyes, told them, we don’t have time for conflict, and said simply and firmly the words, “Work it out!” – meaning, fix your conflict quick between the two of you, and lets get on with what is before us. Cool stuff. So, let it be worked out!

As well, Pope Francis has also been in contact with an Argentine parish priest in Gaza through whom he conveyed message to the people there, and it is now spoken that “Pope Francis’ message ha[s] given Christians in Gaza fresh courage and hope.”

In other news, Pope Francis gave a gave a sermon in the past day or so on separating the wheat from the tares. For a great complement sidedish to this, check Gloria Copeland and George Pearson’s series, “How to Reap Your Harvest,” part 1 and part 2.

And speaking of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, one of the reasons I decided to start a blog on Pope Francis is because I saw a message on YouTube by Pope Francis to Kenneth Copeland Ministries — a ministry which God’s hand of protection surrounds and is massively cultivating and growing. Kenneth Copeland Ministries gets it. Those people know Jesus Christ, they have the keys to the kingdom of God, they’re taking people to the doors within the kingdom, and helping them through. If you’re not following them, you should be. God is with them and they are unstoppable in so far helping the people of earth and the larger universe to get acclimated to God’s kingdom being here now.

Then, after the Pope reached out to them with that message of connection to them, at the end of June of this year, at the Pope’s invitation, a group of evangelical ministers, including Kenneth Copeland himself made a pilgrimage to the Vatican and visited the Pope himself to aid in uniting the faiths in the kingdom:

“That they all may be one, [just] as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me.” – John 17:21

And so, reading and hearing these tales of such really really good things happening in the world, got me interested in blogging about it all.

And that’s about it for a first blog entry. The Pope is making the rounds and calling in the harvest. People are coming together in God’s name and the conflicts of so many ages are coming forever to a close.



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